Appearance Protection

Exterior Protection

The exterior is the hardest working part of a vehicle. Salt and sand in the winter, relentless sun in the summer, an errant pitch here, a shopping cart there, and it doesn't take long before a new car doesn't look new anymore.

Complete Car Care Exterior Protection will help keep your vehicle's exterior looking showroom new for many years after you drive it off the lot.

Complete Car Care exterior protection includes both Paint Protection and Paint-Free Dent and Ding repair. For five years, Paint Protection guards against deterioration, fading or oxidation caused by sun, weather, dirt, humidity, household detergents or salt air. If, at any point during coverage, there is damage to the paint, we will repair it.

Complete Car Care Paint-Free Dent and Ding repair is a process that can remove door dings and minor dents without harming the vehicle's paint. You'll receive unlimited side panel, paint-free ding and dent repair for five full years.