Prepaid Maintenance

We all know cars that have regular maintenance are safer and more reliable and can be the difference between being the person stranded on the side of the road and the person that stops to help them. Regular oil changes, safety inspections, and tire rotations ensure your vehicle will run smoothly, and safely, for a long time. In the case of your vehicle, a dollar of prevention is truly worth one hundred dollars of cure.

With Complete Car Care Prepaid Maintenance, you'll be able to pick the plan that fits your driving whether you are on the road all the time for business or just have to run errands once in a while. And if you sell your car, no problem, you can cancel your remaining plan, or better yet, transfer it to the new owner because a car that comes with prepaid maintenance can sell faster and for more money. And the best part, when you pay for your vehicle's necessary maintenance upfront, you keep your car running smoothly and save money.