Appearance Protection

Interior Protection

The interior of a vehicle is on the front line; it's the part of the car you spend the most time in contact with. Unfortunately kids, pets, snow, mud, rain and even time all take their toll on a vehicle's seats and carpet leaving them stained and worn. Complete Car Care Fabric Protection will protect a vehicle's interior against everyday spills, fading, soiling and permanent stains for five full years. If staining begins to occur and it can't be cleaned, we will repair or replace the stained fabric.

We also provide protection for leather seats. While they are generally more durable than cloth, they're still susceptible to cracking and fading. Complete Car Care Leather and Vinyl protection prevents that. For five years after treatment, the leather seats or vinyl dash will look showroom new and will not fade or crack. If it is damaged by fading or deterioration, we will repair it.

With Complete Car Care Interior Protection, you'll love the peace of mind that comes with not worrying about the interior of your car.